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Our Vision and Values

Our vision is, to help people to grow into all that God has called them to be through His transforming presence.


Love is the foundation for everything. It begins with His love for us. We are to love as He loved so that will affect how we relate to people in what we say and do. God loves us as a church, and individually; we want to display His love at all times.


Every person on earth can be honoured and celebrated because every person is made in God's image. Each person is unique and special to God. Treating people with honour and respect is vital. In all our dealings with people we seek to see them as God intends them to be; seeing their true identity and potential, and encouraging them in that, regardless of what their current attitudes, or actions may be.


God has designed us all for connection with Him. Every time we talk to him or engage in praise and worship, we can experience Him with us in a real way. We value experiencing God's presence whether we are gathered together or on our own.  All good things flow from the tangible presence of our good God!


Jesus performed many miracles and He has given us (His church) the power and authority to do the same. This is good news! We owe people an encounter with His power - an encounter which can transform lives. This power is an expression of His love. It is supernatural! Church may have empathy, live morally, have right concepts and do good works but without supernatural power it will not be what Jesus intended!


Jesus came to set people free - free from the effects of all the bad things done by us or to us. Free instead to live life to the full. A life that will express the uniqueness of who we are. As a church we want to maintain an atmosphere of safety and freedom which encourages people to take risks (and even make mistakes) as they learn to grow and become all that God has called them to be.


Jesus is the truth. God has spoken the truth to us. The bible and the Holy Spirit continually reveal truth to us. God's truth is perfect and never changes. Apart from a relationship with the God of truth we cannot know truth fully. We value the proclamation of the truth and see it as something that must be lived out day by day. Truth and integrity are key as we deepen relationships with God and each other.


The church is called to be an outward looking community of people centred in Jesus. It is a place for anyone in the community to come and enjoy friendship, care, love, fun and practical support, and to encounter Jesus for themselves. All will be welcomed and valued.  We value the developing of relationships with non-church people and projects so that as we serve the community in creative ways, the whole area will be transformed by His presence.