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Let Truth Shape Experience

The sun is shining (good) BUT the printer’s playing up (bad!) - Does my peace depend upon the printer working or the sun shining? No, But my feelings tell me otherwise. My feelings are not of rest and comfort and confidence in Jesus.

Written on 9th September, 2015

Happy Father’s Day

What a great privilege we dads have and we couldn’t really do it without some children to practice on! So dads let’s be really thankful that God gave us the gift of children.  For some of us our children are still very young, for others they are grown up. But whatever stage we are at God wants us to value the relationship. It is truly precious and vital for them and for us.

Written on 21st June, 2015

Have We Heard? Have We Seen?

As we meet each week we hear a lot about God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and we could say just like Job ‘I hear but I do not see’. What would we mean by that? I think it’s like this. We hear and hopefully remember some of what we hear. The things we remember become our knowledge about God, the facts about him.

Written on 28th September, 2015
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