World changers

It’s great to be back with you all. I enjoyed my time away but I always enjoy coming back home and coming back to join with you in worship. We had a really good time with our friends in Odisha.

God is raising up people who are going to be agents of change in their country. There are so many people there who are followers of Jesus yet to discover their true greatness in God. But some are seeing it and starting to believe that God can work through them to not only win converts to their religion but to see the coming of the kingdom of God.

One such person is Bhavana Nayak. She is a girl from a small village but she has a big vision and strategies to see her state and her nation transformed. God is granting her and her husband Amit favour. Please pray for them. They are going to be world changers!

And God is calling us all to be world changers. Whatever the limits of our ‘world’ might be God has appointed us, anointed us, and given us the task as co-labourers with Him (and the Father and the Holy Spirit) to seek first His kingdom, and to make disciples of Jesus. This is world changing and because of His presence with you and within you and upon you, it is possible to fulfil your calling!

This is your calling and mine, let’s boldly go and share what we have!

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